Quality cars


We’re value-driven (literally).

Value for us. Value for you. Win-win.

Our process

Everyone wants the best value for their money – we’re no different!

When we choose stock to purchase, value is our number one criteria.

We want the best deal for us so we can offer the best deal to our customers.

We monitor Japanese auction vehicle listings around the clock, on the hunt for
high-grade used cars which just need a little TLC to look and drive like new again.

Our long-standing vendor relationships position us to negotiate
the best price – savings which we pass on to our customers.

We’re choosy

Made in Japan

Japan offers unparalleled high-end vehicle quality at price points for all budgets.

High-grade minimum

We only import cars graded 4.0 and above. Grade 3.5 is the average in the NZ used car industry.

Odometer certification

All Signet vehicles are odometer-certified by the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC).

Strict NZ-compliance

All Signet vehicles are thoroughly inspected by NZ government-regulated vehicle testing authorities.

Like new extras

We buff any minor imperfections, update tyres, stereos and GPS features as needed and groom all of our vehicles from top to bottom – many of our customers tell us they feel like they’re getting a new car but at a used car price!

Japanese used car auction grades

0 +
Excellent condition. No repair work needed. Usually less than three years old. Under 10k km. Near new.
Excellent condition. No repair work needed. Any age. Less than 50k km. Near perfect condition.
Above average condition. Maybe a couple of minor scratches. Often a grade 5 but with 50k+ km.
Reasonably good condition. May need minor repair work to buff out scratches/dents or a good groom.
Some repair work needed or slightly higher odometer than average.
Average to below average condition. Probably needs repair work.
Poor condition. In need of major repair.
Modified, debased or affected (submerged, damaged from salt).


Vehicle has accident history. Higher number is worse.


Had accident and repaired.